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Bang Big boasts some “ bang-up performances: Chris Campbell as a pill-popping mamma...” Village Voice

“The performers are all able enough...as Edna, however, Campbell is persuasive as a woman lost among a sea of people, who feels she does not quite belong anywhere.”  Backstage

“1984 features electric performances by Chris Campbell...”  The New Yorker Goings On About Town

“Chris Campbell in particular, was talented and energetic,  Campbell had, however, the rare ability to always appear as if she was on camera, as if a million eyes were watching her, while still communicating with focus and intention to those in her on-stage reality.” nytheater.com

“The first piece was the standout, with Chris Campbell’s Angela and Thea McCartan's Sabine warranting the same praise as the London actresses.”  Curtain Up

“Dillon’s company handles the task of Push Up 1-3 with success. Chris Campbell finds varying degrees of desperation in Angelica’s plight...” AmericanTheater Web

“To begin, let's talk about Chris Campbell and Chance Muehleck, who comprise the entire cast of Suzanne Bradbeer's quirky romantic comedy Bethlehem...Campbell and Muehleck are terrific in this play, which manages to include in its short running time a delicious dance solo for Campbell and some wonderful comic dialogue for both actors to sink their teeth into. It ends—and this almost never happens—too soon.” nytheater.com